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Divine Redeemer's Supported Mission

Below are the missions that Divine Redeemer supports through out the year. 

•  South Wisconsin District of the LCMS – Supports the general work of our District, including a variety of local and world-wide missions. 

•  FIKISHA – This year, we plan to offer enough funding to support up to five street children in Nairobi, Kenya in order to provide housing, food, clothing, and an education for one full year.  For more information on FIKISHA (which means “to enable to reach”), check out  

•  Operation Christmas Child – A vital and ongoing mission and ministry led by Terri and Dennis Williams.  (Thank you Terri and Dennis!)  For more information on Operation Christmas Child, feel free to go their website at

•  Mission: Haiti – We have a team of 3 people going to Haiti for a Medical Mission Trip in October 2018. In addition to direct support from the Divine Redeemer, we are also collecting monies to purchase goats, laying hens, chickens, Bibles (in Creole), Microgrants and monies to feed a family of 4 for a week. Additional trips may be granted in future years based on the need.